done with you

from by Peter Hamm



©2016 Peter J. Hamm (08-21-15 and 07-18-16)

I heard your same old symphony on the way to work today
Cackling in the words tumbling out and in the sick games you play
Twisted lives and buried hearts in heaps of ruin by the road
And the air is heavy and weighed down with fear and anger overload

I heard despair on the wind, howling like the mother of a dying child
I felt disenchantment and disease, screaming in the wild
I saw hate dressed up as love, it was on parade for everyone to see
I smelled judgment and decay, and it got all over me

Then your fated instruments, spilling across the midnight sky.
I knew the words by heart because no matter how hard you try
It’s the same unbending ignorance that kept the slaves from getting free
It’s the same ruthless abandon that distorts every seed and flower and tree

And when you told me I was lost to you, I couldn’t wait to leave
Cries of love pitched tattered tent hid behind belief
At what point do the words of life become something your fear commands
That’s when I figured out your heart will never understand

I’m all done with you
I don’t know what we’re fighting for
We aren’t talking anymore
I’m so sick of this stupid war
We won’t be talking anymore


from Protest Songs, released September 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Peter Hamm Ohio

worship leader and songwriter currently in the Cincinnati suburbs. Out of the ordinary worship for an out of the ordinary creator

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