Protest Songs

by Peter Hamm

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All songs ©2016 Peter J. Hamm


released September 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Peter Hamm Ohio

worship leader and songwriter currently in the Cincinnati suburbs. Out of the ordinary worship for an out of the ordinary creator

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Track Name: go free
©2016 Peter J. Hamm (06-13-16)

I woke in the dark
as the morning star,
winking its goodbye
to let the glow in the east
come and splinter the night
into a thousand little pieces
into orange and golden glow
on the mountain peaks

Dancing with my hope
down the walls of rock and ice and snow
And the day cried its greeting
and my heart woke from slumber
And this voice in the woods
stopped and whispered so strangely
“What are you looking for?”

If you can't see the face
smiling through the morning trees
If you can't hear the voice
crying on the wind
If you can't feel the offering of grace
lifted in the early breeze
Let go of this confusion
just let this moment in

If you can't see the hand of God dancing in the mystery
If you don’t see the plan, it wears no disguise.
If you won’t see past hunger and war, and all the rage of history
Won’t you open up your soul
You can see with new eyes.

If you don’t step past reason alone
how can love ever live in you?
If you can’t find the Ghost in the night
how will you ever see?
If you won’t read the autograph of love
written in the morning dew?
Won’t you let go of these chains
Go free
Track Name: vegas
© 2016 Peter J. Hamm

Touched down like a seabird on an ocean of brown
It was an ocean of sand, a great wide sea of desert sand
The airport laid out next to the mirage of light and sound
It seemed designed with constant and immediate escape at hand

In Vegas Vegas, Las Vegas

It took billions of years for man to finally get clean
To be master of the planet, of destiny & Science
And now we shove money in the mouth of the machine
A thieving smirking scheming stealing bright one-armed appliance

Saw a plainclothes Elvis, It was so surreal
Fighting over money, over money with his wife
She looked just like Priscilla, is that part of the deal?
Is it part of the act, is it part of the life?

I walked into the lounge…

Buzzes beeps and flashes in my eyes it’s just like morning
When you wake up from just staring with a wide eye at the ceiling
I’ve lost the will to fight, I have lost the smell of warning
There is no wrong no right and I have lost all sense of feeling
Track Name: goodbye
©2016 Peter J. Hamm (2016-02-17)

I remember the first time my daddy didn’t know my name
It surprised me just a little, gave me just a little pain
You can laugh, you can cry, though I can’t tell you why
It’s such a long hard way to say goodbye

I will always remember you, racing me to the car
I can picture that smile, to me that’s everything you are.
Add some tears in your eyes, shaming the hearts of the wise
Such a long hard way to say “goodbye”

You can shout at the sky, you can scream at the sun
Protest all you want, but the damage is done
Gravity will pull you down, no matter how hard you try
And at the end all you can do is say “goodbye”

There’s a love that comes from heaven
Your life showed that to me
There’s grace in every heartbreak
And a good father’s love that set me free
Everything in me that’s good, is what I could see in your eyes
But it’s a long hard way to say “goodbye”

There is a peace that comes through grieving
There is a joy that grows from pain
Like the sunrise that governs the morning
After night watches ruled by rain
And wherever life might take me
Crushing me down or lifting me high
It’s a long hard way to say “goodbye”
Track Name: silence (rescue me)
©2016 Peter J. Hamm

The end of the trail looms like Notre Dame
Over the strong and the frail, and both I see I am
The end of the road in the way like the heat
Touches the load, rises up from the street.

Here in the night, brighter than sun
The moon mocks my sight and strength all as one
The innocence that lies to the stars
The silence of age, can’t run very far

My eyes have been blocked up
Like trapped abandoned children
In the blood of dirt and clay
The earth gives up her plight
And calls to the sea
Come down here and rescue me
Come down and rescue me

The intimate hold I have on love and hate
The loss of the soul, this hunger we create
Oh, the dead are all here, to finally ask
“Who was the first? Who is the last?

My eyes like the mountains
see the hilltops but the valley
Must wait till all is free
From night that tears the smiles
From the heartless
Come down here and rescue me
Come down and rescue me
Track Name: i can hope
©2016 Peter J. Hamm (summer 2007)

You ran away like a freight train running, tearing
Speeding on down the track
You said nothing but the look on your face
Said that you would never ever come back
And as I watched you from a distance
I could still pick out your fragrance
But I lost it on a cold cold wind.

I can hope, I can pray
I can dream that someday
You’ll come back my way
If you run back to me
I will make you happy
Just you wait and see
You’ll come back to me

Walkin’ round the city in the bright lights
I remember nights when we’d paint the town
Funny how the little things become the big things
Now that I don’t have you ‘round
And I miss you and my heart aches
I got the sleepless nights and cold shakes
But I’m never gonna give up now
Track Name: my favorite memory
©2016 Peter J. Hamm (07-26-16) / for my wife, Kathleen

It seems like only yesterday sometimes
The first time I saw that sparkle in your eyes
Then waiting just to see, if you’d wanna be with me, then yes…

It seemed sometimes tomorrow would never come
Hearts raised to the sky, then sunk like a stone.
But sitting by your side, it’s all been worth the fight I’m sure

Every time I spy that smile in your eyes
It fills up my heart with that same old energy.
Every time I see you looking back at me
I catch another glimpse of my favorite memory.

We knew that the road would twist and turn
Some days our hearts would warm, and some nights they would burn
But as long as I’m with you, there’s nothing that can do us harm

Thirty years will surely try our souls
And the bones that once were limber now some days feel old
But as long as you are here, there’s nothing that I fear at all

Hold on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride
Hold on, it’ll be scary, it’ll be fun
Hold on, ‘cause I will never leave your side
Track Name: done with you
©2016 Peter J. Hamm (08-21-15 and 07-18-16)

I heard your same old symphony on the way to work today
Cackling in the words tumbling out and in the sick games you play
Twisted lives and buried hearts in heaps of ruin by the road
And the air is heavy and weighed down with fear and anger overload

I heard despair on the wind, howling like the mother of a dying child
I felt disenchantment and disease, screaming in the wild
I saw hate dressed up as love, it was on parade for everyone to see
I smelled judgment and decay, and it got all over me

Then your fated instruments, spilling across the midnight sky.
I knew the words by heart because no matter how hard you try
It’s the same unbending ignorance that kept the slaves from getting free
It’s the same ruthless abandon that distorts every seed and flower and tree

And when you told me I was lost to you, I couldn’t wait to leave
Cries of love pitched tattered tent hid behind belief
At what point do the words of life become something your fear commands
That’s when I figured out your heart will never understand

I’m all done with you
I don’t know what we’re fighting for
We aren’t talking anymore
I’m so sick of this stupid war
We won’t be talking anymore
Track Name: together
©2016 Peter J. Hamm

There’s too much pain, and way too much space
In a mother’s eyes, in a baby’s face
Hope flies off without a trace
In a world that just can find no grace

But you can curse the darkness or you can light it up
You can live alone in hurt or you can walk with me in love
Cause you and me, we hold the key
I’m better off with you and you are better off with me

We’re all in this together
We’re get to love like this forever
The whole world’s so much better
When we’re all in this together

I’m no good all on my own
Helpless with no way to do this alone
But take my hand, work with me
We’ll change the world, I promise you’ll see

In the middle of my human heart
I got find that missing part
Or I’m just hanging in the wind
When I finally grab your hand I see
That missing piece of eternity
You bring out the best in me
You and me find out the best we can be

We’re all in this together
In the calm or stormy weather
The whole world’s so much better
when we’re all in this together